How To Set Up Power BI New Composite Models

After watching the new video from SQBI’s guys Unboxing new Power BI composite models I decided to try it.

Here is a quick guide on the steps to follow in order to set up a composite model.

Enable the Preview feature DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services.

In the Options configuration window in Power BI Desktop we need to check the “Power BI datasets and Analysis Services” Preview feature. After clicking OK,  Power BI requires to be restarted.

options with steps

Connect to the Power BI dataset to be used via Direct Query.

This creates a Live Connection with a model in the Power BI service. First click on the “Power BI datasets” button and then choose the Workspace. 


Add a local model and transform the Live Connection to Direct Query

Click on the “Transform Data” button and then “Add a local model”

Transform Data Direct Query connection

And that’s it

its’ now possible to add new tables using Power Query or DAX and to create calculated columns from the tables context menu in the Fields panel.




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